Gummi in Deutschland von Libidex!

By on September 23, 2010

London-based Libidex, one of the world’s favourite latex fashion labels, has launched a German language website for customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The site is run in partnership with Hans Telles of German latex label el-Conde. Hans operates the site for Libidex in Germany, handling orders and dealing with German-speaking customers direct.

Libidex believes the new site will make buying latex easier and more convenient for customers in German speaking countries, which are Libidex’s second largest market after the UK. They will be able to discuss their orders in their own language with German speaking staff, and will not have to pay the additional costs of postage from the UK, since all garments will be dispatched from Libidex’s German centre.

The site carries a full description in German of each garment, together with pictures, and there is an easy-to-use shopping cart system. All prices are in Euros and payment is accepted by bank transfer or credit card. Prices are the equivalent of those advertised on the UK website, making them excellent value.

Libidex’s Simon Rose believes the new site will improve service to customers as well as generating new business for Libidex: “While we already have quite a few customers in German-speaking countries, I don’t think we should assume everyone there can – or wants to – speak English! The feedback that we’ve been getting is that there are a lot of German speakers who prefer to discuss their purchases in their own language, and we hope that having a centre in Germany that operates under regulations they are familiar with, will not only be far more convenient but also make them feel happier and more reassured when they buy from us.”

The German website is at and the well established UK site is at

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