Learn to Make Latex Clothes

By on January 27, 2011

Club RUB Latex Workshops have several levels, from learning cutting and gluing, through making a fitted apron, right up to making both an apron and a top or dress. The classes are held in London and led by Jim, who has top latex fashion experience. These workshops are organised by Kim of Club RUB and you can be sure of a professional setup.

The website tells you what tools you need and if you don’t already have a toolkit you can buy one at the class. If you fancy a certain outfit but can’t find it anywhere, if you’d like to experiment, if you enjoy craft work, if you want to save money and make your own gear – or if you’re just a creative person – these latex workshops are instructive and fun.

All the details are on the Club RUB website here www.club-rub.com/index.php/latex

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