Latex Model and Cancer

By on May 5, 2011

In June 2010, at the age of 44, I was given my first taste of professional latex modelling. I was immediately smitten and threw myself with gusto into my new found career as a total enclosure model.


All was going fine until one fateful day in July when I found a suspicious lump in my right breast. I made an appointment to see my GP and she reassured me that it was probably just a cyst and nothing to worry about, but she referred me to the hospital for a mammogram and biopsy just to be on the safe side.

A few weeks later I went back for the results. The Consultant was thumbing through my notes and eventually looked up and said “Do you have anyone here with you today?.” He didn’t really have to say very much else.

The biopsy had shown I had stage two breast cancer and I was scheduled in for surgery two weeks later.

It all felt like a mad whirlwind of a time, but I was absolutely determined not to allow the cancer or the treatment to get in the way of my latex modelling.

In November and December 2010 I had chemotherapy. Because I am needle-phobic I had something called a PICC line fitted. Even that did not stop me modelling. I found that, if I wrapped my arm in clingfilm and sellotape I could still get my rubber catsuits on. The chemo nurses at the hospital were fascinated, as I would take the photos in from each modelling assignment I had during the treatment and proudly show them off.

In February and March 2011 I had radiotherapy. This meant a trip to a hospital an hour away from home every day and it had quite an impact on my life. But the staff were every understanding and would try to fit my appointments around my bookings for modelling assignments. The radiation treatment left me feeling very tired, but I was determined to carry on leading my life to the full. I did and I still am.

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