Lady Lydia Sings at the Skin Two Party on Saturday 13th April

By on March 25, 2013

The hottest new talent on the BDSM scene, Lady Lydia is a professional opera singer with a taste for sado-masochism. Trained in Madrid, London, Milan and Budapest, Lady Lydia has performed throughout Europe, from the UK to Portugal, Germany and Spain.

Having seen her show at the Annual Club RUB Awards in London, we invited Lady Lydia to perform at the Skin Two Springtime Party on April 13th. She says…

“I perform songs that in one way or another relate to BDSM and most will be familiar to the audience. The songs are arranged to create a sensual atmosphere, not just as straight cover versions. ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ (Lou Reed), ‘Sweet Dreams’ (Eurythmics) or ‘Venus in Furs’ (Velvet Underground) are some of the hits. Sometimes there is a touch of humour; for example in ‘The Masochism Tango (Tom Lehrer).’”

For full information on the Skin Two party and ticket sales, go to…

Discover Lady Lydia and hear a couple of her songs at

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