La Nuit Blanche Maria Beatty à Paris – 3rd April

By on March 19, 2010

Further attempts are being made to help Maria Beatty raise funds for her next feature film – Café du Diable! We recently ran this story – Maria needs to raise $50 000 to complete the necessary financing for this film and she is searching for likely donors who wish to support both her creative vision as well as the integrity and spirit of independent and art house cinema. If you can’t donate, you can always come to La Nuit Blanche Maria Beatty in Paris on the 3rd of April!


French lesbian and gay publications Tetu and Womexx present: An evening for girls full of surprises with many guests…

Live from New York; strippers, singers and wrestlers: Zoe Kill-Kill Pussycat, Lalla Morte, Anything Maria, Judy Minx. Oshen (The lesbian invisible) will present some new songs from his album and DJ Johanne will make you move to a New York city vibe.

Maria Beatty and the film crew will also be there for your questions and to reveal the secrets of this new project.

Part of the ticket sales will go towards financing Café du Diable –
15 € for an unforgettable night, including one drink with 3 € going to Maria’s fund.

The Caves St Sabin from 11pm
50 rue St Sabin, 75011 PARIS Caves St Sabin map

Maria Beatty and Bleu Productions Website
Café du Diable Website

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