Kiss of Fire by Barbara Nitke

By on August 15, 2009

There are no images quite like real, open images. Kiss of Fire is a candid, yet still very artistic collection that captures the warm and the fiery nature of some honest couples’ sexual relationships. There’s every kind of couple involved in this exemplary erotic project; lesbians, gays, trannies, SM, B, D and every other letter of the alphabet.

001_kiss-barbara-nitkeSome of the images are eerily mysterious, with ghostlike out-of-focus subjects, while others are as uninhibited as any black and white still photo can be. It describes itself as ‘a romantic view of sadomasochism’, and there couldn’t be a better description. Despite the nature of the content, i.e. torture, there is trust and caring in every inch of every photograph, and you might just say to your partner, “Why haven’t we done something like this?” It’s one of those beautifully made coffee table reads that you will find yourself flipping through more than half a dozen times because there’s always some new visual approach to the scenes, so spread open are they, and seeping with passion.

Nitke lets her subjects do as they would do if on their own in the bedroom (or dungeon), and nothing seems orchestrated or overdone, and yet, everything is completely perfect. It’s as if Nitke and her crew were Peeping Tom’s rather than ‘clearly there’ spectators doing a job. The relationships between the subjects are completely unguarded and truly beautiful. “I wanted to photograph deep intimacy and trust, the two main concepts which underlie all SM practices,” she says in the Introduction; and there’s no doubt as to whether she pulled that off or not.

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Review by Kara Martin

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