Kinkfolk – A Film by John Mendelssohn

By on May 31, 2012

1999, John Mendelssohn saw Nick Broomfield’s documentary Fetishes, and hated virtually every frame of it, none more than those in which the auteur refused to be disabused of the idea that BDSM is all about one person inflicting pain on another.

KinkfolkIn 2005, three years after the publication of Dominatrix: The Making of Mistress Chloe, which he ghostwrote for his wife, by one of the UK’s most prominent vanilla publishers, he shot a 20-minute teaser with which he hoped to inspire a major TV producer to finance a more ambitious look at British kink, one with infinitely greater suss than the Broomfield film. Close, but no cigar.

In 2012, after living back in his native USA for four years, the bee’s back in Mendelssohn’s  bonnet, and he is once again keen to make the film that will open viewers’ eyes to kink’s being as natural to some as homosexuality and lesbianism are to our gay brothers and sisters.

He hopes to raise enough money through Amazon’s Kickstarter programme to be able to devote himself full-time to the project. He also has plans to develop the English-speaking world’s first BDSM-themed sitcom.

Full details and cool video clip featuring Mistress Absolute are here

Serious enquiries may be sent direct to the filmmaker at

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