launches… The Upper Floor

By on December 24, 2009 is the leader in quality BDSM  entertainment, established for eleven years and based in The Armory, a 200,000 sq foot former National Guard facility in San Francisco, built a hundred years ago in the style of a Moorish castle.

Recently, they have repurposed the top floor of the Armory in the style of an Edwardian great house, in which Masters, Mistresses and slaves each have a role. There’s a complex social order that has, until now, existed only in fantasy. In the world of The Upper Floor, Masters, Mistresses, Servants and slaves interact in a strict fetish hierarchy in which no two individuals are ever equal. The Upper Floor was envisioned and founded by CEO Peter Acworth in the model of such erotic novels as Pauline Réage’s The Story of O, Laura Antoniou’s Marketplace series, and Anne Rice’s Exit to Eden and Sleeping Beauty trilogy.


Events at are streamed live for the members of the site, not only for the pleasure of its participants and viewers, but as proof that the kind of “Secret Society” described in BDSM and D/s erotic literature can and does exist in reality — but no longer needs to be secret.

In addition, The Upper Floor live shows are interactive, allowing viewers at home to make suggestions and specific requests for punishments, pleasures and challenges. slaves at The Upper Floor perform in special interactive webcam shows in which they submit to the domination of the viewers. A slave’s professional development depends explicitly on how well she pleases the viewers.


This is erotic alternative lifestyle “wiki culture” at its finest; in every way, it is a collaborative enterprise created by a worldwide network of participating members.

The worldwide “Secret Society” of D/s described in The Marketplace, Exit to Eden and other works has become an international reality. For many participants, it no longer needs to be secret.

View an introductory video trailer here…
View a video gallery showing one of their first kinky dinner party with slaves serving under the table
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