KFS Media at London Fetish Fair

By on May 9, 2014

KFS Media is a new pansexual brand, covering all aspects of kinky sexuality, from BDSM/fetish through transvestism, bisexuality, burlesque and all points beyond…

We sell the very best fetish books and magazines, posted to you anywhere in the world. See them on our online store. That’s not all – we also sell a very cool fucking machine

We run the big annual fetish event in Leeds (formerly Skin Two North) and Birmingham (formerly Skin Two Midlands).

We also run specialist semi private ‘Chardmore Society’ parties, including formal dress-up fetish dinners, intimate parties for submissive women and their doms, bisexual parties, etc.

The easy-to-use event calendar on our website is your handy reference for parties near you.

KFS is brought to you by Tim, Rachel, Tessa & Mark, the team behind Skin Two magazine – the latest issue is on sale on our stand. KFS goes further!

Sign up for our newsletter on our website. Come and meet us at London Fetish Fair on the second Sunday of each month.

KFS Media Website: www.kinkyfetishsex.net
KFS Media on Facebook: www.facebook.com/KfsMedia
KFS Media on Twitter: www.twitter.com/KFSMedia
London Fetish Fair www.londonfetishfair.co.uk

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