Japanese Fetish Market “FetiFes vol.11”

By on October 24, 2017

The event “FetiFes 11″, which has become a hot topic in recent years, was held on September 23rd at Nihonbashi, Tokyo. This event, which began in 2013 and is the eleventh this time, is a borderless market of “Japanese fetish” that crosses the boundaries between artists, cosplayers, and the porn video industries and so on. It is known for one of the most chaotic and maniac fetish events. The venue has 5 floors, where more than 100 exhibitors are selling their art works, costumes and DVDs, and showing their performances.

There are many booths of fetish fashion, “LIAIZON” is a popular shop selling a wide range of latex items including Libidex’s latex clothing and the original goods such as gas mask-shaped bag. “Kiyanya Design Factory” is making small artwork with the theme of “everyone in the world is tied up by something”, they sell pretty straps, dolls and netsuke that are all tied up with rope.  In the booth of the tattoo art work “Jomon Tribe” by a tattooist Taku Oshima and Ryoichi “Keroppy” Maeda who is a photographer and journalist reporting the underground cultures over the world from the mid-1990s, you can buy their art book and talk the artists. They arranged the patterns peculiar to Jomon period which is the time in Japanese prehistory for tattooing, they have some exhibitions in the galleries in German as well.

One of the main feature of this event is that you can have various interesting experiences in the booths. In the booth of  “Tokyo Zentai Club” by the people of spandex fetishism, they are selling the original spandex zentai suit and lending of spandex items for the visitors in order to let many people know the appeal of Zentai. They provided a vacuum cube to experience the sensation of vacuum packed body and it was particularly popular among the visitors. There are also booths to “experience” porno videos with VR and emerging technologies. “Muku”(NPO) supporting disabled people’s care and their independences are addressing the issues of the sexual wellness of the disabled as part of their activities. They are selling unique and erotic original goods and developing a VR system for porno videos which is sensing the movement of the retina. With this system severe physical disabilities are able to enjoy a 360-degree view. Their activities will open up new possibilities of the future sex life.

There are some shows on the stage. “The Curves and Big Butt Contest Vol.2” produced and judged by a painter Tetsuya Mishima who is pursuing women’s beauty made the audience so excited. Only the person who has a gap between waist and hip of 30cm or more are able to participate in this contest as a contestants, 8 models are showing their great curves and big hips. In addition, the beautiful rope live show was performed by Hajime Kinoko who is one of the most famous nawa-shi in Japan.

One of the various events derived from this event is “Fetish Festival Underground Film Festival”. This fetish art film festival has been held at home and abroad, and the third is scheduled to be held in Germany this November. Also, “FetiFes 12″ will be held January 28th 2018 in Tokyo.




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