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By on September 30, 2009

The Japan Fetish Ball is produced by the Tokyo Kink Society, Japan’s only non profit international group of people interested in fetish, bondage and domination. TKS is modelled along similar groups that exist in North America and Europe and produces a number of fetish theme events including the Oasis Lounge, TKS Underground and the annual Japan Fetish Ball.

Japan Fetish Ball 001

After several years of rapid growth, this year’s Ball is moving to Christon Cafe Shinjuku, one of Tokyo’s largest club event venues! The venue is separated into a dance area, stage show area, dungeon / playroom, and a shopping bazaar showcasing independent Japanese and foreign fashion designers.

The Japan Fetish Ball, from the land where S&M, rope bondage and Gothic Lolita all originated, is one of the world’s most unique fetish balls and is distinctly oriental in its content and the conduct of guests.

This year’s Ball, November 14th 2009 features an exotic variety of performers, many never seen before in any western countries.

Japan Fetish Ball 002Shows

HANA IKE LIVE by Yuji Ueno:
Ueno San amazed audiences years ago with a shocking underground performance at Japan’s THE GATE when he celebrated the burial of his lovely model with a beautiful display of Ikebana art to a fetish and traditional Japanese historical fusion theme. Ueno san returns with an even more spectacular show in his Japan Fetish Ball debut performance!

SPECIAL AERIAL by Asagi Ageha:
Japan’s own lovely Asagi Ageha will star in her own performance at this year’s JFB, dancing through the sky in the spacious Christon Cafe in a beautiful display of aerial dance, acrobatics and visual art!

Tokyo Dolores, a Japanese 5 member female fantasy and dance troupe will bring dance, exotic choreography and performance alive to the stage with their unique fusion of Japanese gothic-lolita and dark underground fetish camp culture!

Rose Noire was formed in 2006 by Louie (Vocal) and Jill (Violin), two former students of the University of Tokyo Instrumental Music Department. They are free from predefined genres and concepts and compose their own world in the image of their own existance and music.

AWE by DV8House! (Australia)
DV8House visits from Australia, and have performed around the world from Hellfire Sydney, to San Francisco as well as across Europe, including Athens, Berlin and London. This year, they join the Japan Fetish Ball with a special performance of high energy rope bondage, rigging and suspension that is not to be missed!


A04! (from * AUTHORITY FOUR * )!
A04’s mixes celebrate an electronic heritage that dates back to Kraftwerk, which has continued to diversify into the present.You can hear your favorite new wave, synth, futurepop, elektroclash, darkwave, ebm and industrial songs by your favorite artists as well as hear music for the first time that you will want to hear again.

DJ Mistress Maya calls from Midnight*Mess and Mechanical Slaves, some of Japan’s longest running and most well known Gothic fetish alternative underground events. She mixes a wicked blast of Dark Electro and Industrial Rock.

Japan Fetish Ball 003


VJ Unit Kokekakiki are a very talented VJ pair who have displayed their work at multiple underground and art events in Tokyo. Their imagery is distinctively Japanese, beautiful in its appearance and expression.

From Europe, VJ Flyflyfly has burst onto the Tokyo video art scene with his exciting imaginative work and artistic imagery. He returns to the 2009 Japan Fetish Ball after delivering a stunning 360 degree display of fetish projection art and video in last years dungeon playroom and goth industrial DJ space.

Japan Fetish Ball 004Art and Exhibition Galleries

As in previous years, there will be an art gallery and objet exhibition hall within the Japan Fetish Ball, exhibiting fetish and underground art works created by Japanese artists.

Dungeon Masters

Mistress Hijiri, Mistress Naomi and Tajima san will be this year’s Dungeon Masters, ensuring a safe and active night in the bondage playroom for all involved.

Sheesha Corner

The always very leggy and sexy Topaz will once again run the water-tobacco area, a stylish chillout lounge with a middle-eastern mediterranean feel.

Floor Models, Special guests!

Midori! (Japan / United States of America)
Starring in countless fetish balls all over the world and a famous author of several books on alternative lifestyles, Midori is based in San Francisco, California and is one of the worlds most famous fetish and nawa artists! This is her special homecoming..

JAPAN FETISH BALL Campaign girls and Mistresses!

Japan Fetish Ball’s own lovely campaign girls, mistresses will be on the event floor to entertain guests and add to the enchanting mood of this very special evening.

JFB’s very sexy stylish OASIS Pole Dancers will be performing throughout the evening in the Fetish Lounge Space!

Japan Fetish Ball Website: www.JapanFetishBall.com
Tokyo Kink Society Website: www.TKSociety.com

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