Imaginarium – A New Breed of Fantasy Clubbing in London

By on March 15, 2012

This March sees Vauxhall poised to play host to the second of Rob Voodoo and Lynch the Hangman’s “Imaginarium” rave/fetish mash-ups. Billed as “A Positively Polysensual Laboratory in Outer Rave Space” the first sell-out night last December played host to more than 300 extravagantly dressed party-goers at the Union club on Albert Embankment.


Promoter Rob Voodoo says that the idea for the night came about when discussing with Lynch the inverse relationship between the lavishness of costumes at an event, and the importance given to booking serious DJ talent. They set out to create an environment where you could not only dress in the most outlandish, provocative, sexualised or downright weird costumery imaginable, but could simultaneously get into a sweaty lather to the throbbing pulse of electro house, dubstep and drum’n’bass. “We’ve both been DJs since the late 90s when there wasn’t even such a thing as a CDJ, let alone Traktor, and we were bored of being at great parties, with great music – but where the DJs and atmosphere just didn’t cut it”.

Thrown into the mix are a series of provocative burlesque and circus style performances, some live music, private areas, a troupe of dancers known as the “Imaginarium Dance Freakz” and a shopping area called the Imaginarimart featuring hand-made rave and fetish wear and accessories from a number of providers.

In face of all this, immersed in the thunderous emissions of the sound system and bathed in lasers by the custom light show, the participant could be forgiven for, in the words of their promotional material, becoming “over-stimulated”. But one feels this is precisely what Messrs. Lynch and Voodoo, aka the swaggeringly named “Voodoo Lynch Mob”, have in mind.

The Mob will be welcoming their already substantial following back to an expanded setup at Union on March the 31st. Rob says “Last time they had to open up extra bar, cloakroom and toilet facilities for us, because so many people wanted to get in – so this time we booked the whole venue”. The previous event was billed as “a backstreet carnival in an intergalactic favela” – this time it is imagined “as an adventure where the party on a trans-stellar cruise gets way out of hand and even the captain and cabin crew are partying with the beautiful, decadent passengers”.

Lynch chimes in “we’ve also invested a lot in bringing in bigger DJs, more lighting and having a series of props designed and built by theatre specialists for this one – it’s all about creating fantasy, suspension of disbelief”. Adding to this will be a no-streetwear policy “Imaginarium is a safe polysexual space to play…fostering a sense of participation is everything – no spectators!” – Echoes of a futuristic urban Burning Man?

Who’s ready for blast-off? The next Imaginarium is on Saturday 31st March at Union, 66 Albert Embankment, SE1 7TP.

Tel: 07903500013 or 07850183239

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