House of Shadows – Saturday January 4th 2014

By on December 23, 2013

House of Shadows is the luxury fetish event on January 4th, presenting a perv-fect getaway after all the festive fuss, for something more intimate, more fantastical.

For the dawn of 2014, House of Shadow’s opulent secret mansion just outside London will open its doors to the purest of perverts, providing the most debauched of libertines and their harems with a little time to rest and get into a suitably debauched mindset just after New Year.

There is an entire mansion to explore, with themed rooms, dungeon play spaces, fetish performances, workshops and performances

There will also be a fabulous sit down banquet!

Private bedrooms are available, there are also hotels nearby and there’s even a coach from central London, returning in the small hours.

This is your opportunity to be Lord or Lady of the Manor, or the lowliest of slaves, a humble human pony, squire, priestess or wherever your desires lead you. Prepare yourself for a night where occult beauty reaches out of the very shadows.

In the House of Shadows, fantasy is reality and reality is stranger than fiction. So treat yourself and your partner to a particularly special adventure in decadence.


Write to: for password.

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