Hotter than Hades

By on February 12, 2007

Club Hades has been getting some compliments recently, so we checked it out and found it to be an excellent way to pass a thoroughly pervy Saturday night in London. The venue is roomy, a few steps from Vauxhall tube station and has several different areas, including a bar, two dungeon spaces and a quiet lounge area for socialising. There’s even a big changing room – luxury!The emphasis at Hades is on play rather than posing, thank goodness and there’s a big range of interesting dungeon gear to try out, supplied by Infernal Mechanix. There were cages, a grope box, a whipping bench, suspension kit and plenty more. Up on the stage, the Trauma Unit show consisted of wickedly ‘treating’ a very willing victim.

You can pick up a free leaflet pack, full of fetish stuff, from Handjobs. You can play, you can chat. You might even meet some new friends. It’s hard to see what else you could ask for from a fetish night – we’ll be back.

Tim Woodward