Hot Rock Fetish Club Crimson

By on April 8, 2010

Pete from hot rock fetish club Crimson was kind enough to give me this interview. It’s this Sat April 10th. “We have been going for a year in April, our birthday party is at Mass. Our music policy is rock, metal, Slipknot, Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, newer type of metal seems to work best in the club as it has a seedier, rougher sound to it.
Our Etiquette policy is just the standard dungeon rules.
No touching without permission, don’t interrupt a scene while in progress, no street clothes ect. We try not to put too much emphasis on
what people aren’t allowed to do. We do have a full team of DungeonMasters/Mistresses to keep an eye on things.”

Our best Night was probably the first event. Police had closed the venue we we’re using due to a stabbing the night before and we didn’t find out untill about 2 in the afternoon on the day of our event. We couldn’t start setting up the club untill about 7 that night and we bring over 20 pieces of dungeon kit (of which about half needs some assembling) with us so it was quite a job. We managed to open the doors at 10.05pm and had an amazing turnout (over 300 people), with nearly everyone of them smiling. 2 or 3 miseries out of 300 hundred isn’t bad in my books. We also won the Best New Club Award at the LAM last week which was very nice.
We do host performances. They tend to be of the BDSM nature mainly because first and formost we are a players night, catering to a BDSM ordinance.”
Sounds good to me. If you don’t like Hard House, generally played at London Fetish clubs, you’re especially likely to dig this.

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