Honour's Latex Fashion 2013

By on January 11, 2013

Immerse yourself in the darker side of luxury fashion in 2013 with Honour’s new latex collectionsHint of Noir and Please Me – Pin Up.

Honour‘s elite team of luxury fashion stylists have been inspired by  Asian and European designs where the slim, sleek, and promiscuous style has boomed in the last few years. But why are we seeing such a rise in popularity for a material that we’ve been using at Honour since we started trading back in 1988..?

latex clothingWith celebrities such as Beyoncé and Gaga following in our footsteps of design principle and embracing a style which accentuates the female figure whilst maintaining sexual modesty – we are seeing a resurgence of latex gracing the red carpets, catwalks and awards ceremonies and consequently an incenced popular desire for the material.

Honour’s Hint of Noir selection is a fine example of this – combining elegant sleek designs with raw edgy undertones that draw influence from the Japanese fashion scene where themes of anime and manga are prominent in slim-fit designs. The skin-tight fabric enhances the curves and contours of the body whilst the layered black/opaque colour scheme combines to create a moody, smokey impression which is rich in attitude and high in sex appeal.

In contrast to Noir – the Please Me – Pin Up range was inspired by French 1950s styles that embraced the theme of cabaret and burlesque with a modern Western futuristic and apocolyptic twist. The range features polka dot and striped paneled themes with a black and white colour scheme in order to optimize the promiscuous nature of the designs whilst maintaining elegance and discipline in its simplicity.

latex clothing2013 promises to be an exciting year for Honour as we continue to look to new and innovative ways to dominate the market trend and challenge the perceptions of common boudoir attire. We’re proud to be leading a movement which breaks the boundries of conventional streetwear whilst oozing in style and sex but with sinister undertones of sophistication!

If you’re looking to re-invent yourself in 2013 then why not join the revolution and let Honour inspire you with one of the hottest material in the industry – latex!

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