Honour Fetish Clothing Takes CBB By Storm

By on January 14, 2014

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Leading fetish boutique Honour broke the mould on Sunday 12th by launching their fabulous fetish clothing onto the big screens and out into the world. In their kinkiest broadcast yet, Celebrity Big Brother challenged their naughty contestants to strut their stuff in Honours gorgeous outfits and even pole dance to show off not only their moves, but their sexy attire.  Dressed head to toe in luscious PVC, the kinky celebs sported tiny boned corsets, saucy, little hot pants and even sequined, black pants, displaying that no matter what age or size you are, this fashion style can turn you from sloppy to sexy in just a second.

This daring approach has never been done before on CBB, and caused major thrill and excitement throughout the fetish, fashion industry, as well as the media. As TOWIE’s Sam Faiers and Blue singer Lee Ryan wriggled and writhed in Honours, skin-tight dominatrix range, millions of people took to Facebook and Twitter, with one Twitter fan tweeting “BEST CBB task ever-they all look really hot!”

Honour’s marketing director, who worked closely with CBB said:

“We love people to express themselves and their individuality. We want to show people that PVC, rubber and latex aren’t just for the bedroom or for the fetish scene, but it can be worn pretty much everywhere. We think it’s time to celebrate these materials and show how sexy, sassy and oh-so seductive this fashion really is!


For more information visit www.honour.co.uk.



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