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                “A cum-temporary performance club night at the provocative crossroads of fetish and camp”

Something a little different this Saturday at East London’s Resistance gallery. HARD CAMP is a pop-up exhibition, fashion show, performance art event and club night with live music, DJs and dance. The exhibition will include live art performances and artworks installed in different locations of the venue. The show aims to fuse and intertwine the two apparently opposite aesthetics – typically associated with queer culture: the leather and dark fetish with the more allegedly ‘effeminate’ colour-infused camp. The exhibition includes a variety of media and art practitioners from London and abroad who seek to create a dialogue between these two aesthetic forms. Curated by Giulia Casalini, in collaboration with Ana Grahovac and Diana Georgiou.

Art and performances by
Cécile Emmanuelle Borra, Lewis Burton, Dahc Dermur/VIII a.k.a. Chadd Curry, Dannielle Hodson, Victor Ivanov, Amy Kingsmill, Andie Macario, Narcissister, Mette Sterre, Andrzej Wojtas and Ewelina Aleksandrowicz a.k.a. Pussykrew.

Fashion by Naddy Sane (with performers Orion Facey, Iza Tang and Silvija Vil).

DJs Yumiko Ono a.k.a. Matryoshka, Dahc Dermur/VIII a.k.a. Chadd Curry, Eleanor Fawcett a.k.a. Bunni Splanchnik – Expect deep trash Russian and Eastern European pop music, electronic annd techno infused with darker glitchy, experimental beats and more!

Tickets are a mere £5 and only £3 before 9pm!

Saturday 17 August 2013
h. 20:00 – 02:00
@ Resistance Gallery
265 Poyser Street, Bethnal Green
London E2 9RF

Cover photo © Thomas Sing / Design Atelier Lorand Lajos.

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