Gracing No Man’s Land By Annabel Penrose

By on December 1, 2008

bdsm sexual guidance bookRecorded over 10 years through personal interviews, confidential writings, letters and audio tapes, it is a delight to read Annabel Penrose’s educative and fascinating compilation of fantasies from the professional and private global S&M scenes. This important book is an explorative masterpiece of sexual politics and human identity, presenting an intellectual and sympathetic insight into the lawful realm of Women’s (and Men’s) deepest, and most imaginative secret hiding places.

“A pioneering, a thrilling, and yes, a sisterly book, that is imbued with so much forbidden imagination and diverse individual expression, it will no doubt challenge freedom of speech, push staid limits and boundaries, and bravely explore what may be for some at least, the intimidating prospect of a female fantasy world.” Dr Lauren Wilkinson, from her Foreword

bdsm sexual guidance book

“Delicious…an illustrated pandora’s box…At last an intelligent sex counselling book exploring sadomasochism and sexual fetishes through the erotic memoir of real sadists and submissives.”
Chicago Marriage Guidance

“Like Nancy Friday’s My Secret Garden, like Dr Alex Comfort’s The Joy of Sex, this book is for buying, sharing and enrichment” Mike Hartford, Sydney Evening News

“A liberating, freeing and rewarding experience”
Susan Becksley-Smith, USA Good Sex Guide

“Brave and compelling…The Story of O meets the Kama Sutra. Gracing no man’s land revels in a literary oasis of intimate S&M secrets and kinky fetish taboos.”
John Storr, Sexual Times

BDSM Sex Counselling Book:
Gracing No Man’s Land
The Erotic Sexual Fantasies of Women Sadists, Female Masochists & Male Slaves
By Annabel Penrose


Also available from all good US and UK bookshops, including Amazon, Waterstones and Blackwell.

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