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By on March 23, 2012

Skin Two Magazine: If you have a business in our fetish world, you’ll know how vital it is to keep your name constantly in front of the public.

The web is a vast mass of businesses large and small, from every corner of the world – you can’t rely on simply being online to reach discerning fetish people looking for superior products.

That’s where top quality glossy magazines come in. Look through the glossies in any market and see the top brands always on show there.

It’s the same in the fetish world. The current issue of Skin Two Magazine features ads from Atsuko Kudo, Boutique Bizarre, FetishMovies, Latexa, Libidex, Marquis, Simon O, What Katie Did – all businesses that have been at the top for years.

Skin Two magazine has been showcasing the cream of the fetish market for 28 years. Each issue is kept and collected, read and re-read. Your business is seen again and again by the committed enthusiast looking for the best quality fetish goods and services.

If you want customers to know about you and visit your website, an ad in Skin Two is the most effective and economical way to do it.

As well as the printed magazine, sold worldwide, Skin Two is also distributed as a digital download. This is especially useful in getting your message to the new international markets, where printed fetish magazines are tricky to get. Markets like Brazil, Russia, India, China, etc are the future – customers there read Skin Two on their laptops and iPads.

All the information on advertising in Skin Two magazine is here

Skin Two LateXtra: There’s also a way to reach the UK market at even lower prices than that. Skin Two LateXtra is the popular UK fetish scene magazine, distributed at clubs and shops across Britain – and downloaded as well.

fetish magazine skin twoInfo on ads in Skin Two LateXtra is here

Want to see Skin Two LateXtra? You can download the last issue free here

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