Gombar, Tokyo

By on August 25, 2017

A new hangout for rubberists “GomBar” is opened this January in Asakusa, Tokyo which is a famed tourist spot. It usually opens the second and forth Saturday in the building called “Hatch” where different bars and art shows are held everyday and the owner of GomBar, Mr. Tentoku wearing his latex catsuit and mask friendly welcomes you. He has been wearing the latex since he is a teenager and also around as performer at the events. What I am surprised most is that it is opened to the quiet street and anyone is able to see inside the bar. “ I am happy that everyone feels free to come here to drink even if they are not in the latex clothes and want to make such a place. “ as he said, this bar has no dress code and some wearing their latex and others who just dropped by are talking and drinking together in the casual and relaxed atmosphere.

There is a dressing room which is well supplied with the goods to wear the latex clothes like a polish and lotion upstairs. It is free to use the spaces for photo-shooting in the first floor, third floor and rooftop for the customers who changed their clothes. In Addition, there are nice shooting spots outside around Gombar.

Also, here is perfect for the beginners to make friends and get informations. You can read latex magazines free and buy some goods and the accessories like the gloves and socks.
GomBar opens from 7 PM until morning, the customers don’t need to care about the last train. Now many rubberists loves this place that gives them a new night life style.




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