Ghetto Fabulous

By on April 12, 2016

Ghetto Goth – Ghetto Fabulousness

 Very much an American sub sub culture. Hispanic/Latino/ Black influences abound. I remember in New York my ex Krissy always called it “Ghetto Fabulousness” – even back then it showed up in the clubs in New York and L.A. Goth meets hip hop and underground dance. Brooke Candy and Porcelain Black channel it. Rihanna took a swipe. FKA Twigs is the UK’s closest. The French tried – see youtube clip – but unfortunately they don’t really get Goth, or Hip Hop, or street fashion, or attitude. A$AP Rocky and Mykki Blanco? I’m not sure. Great fashion often comes from fusion, from people picking bits from here and there, usually or mostly by instinct. Sub cultures rapidly develop rules but the cool people are never aware of rules …….. pick pieces you want and if you have the style, spirit, and soul, you make them work; you don’t need a lot of money or your rich parents credit card, you just need that instinct, certainty, and above all that attitude ……… Ghetto Fabulous, you may have nothing but you also have everything and no amount of money will be able to buy what you have.


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