Gérard Musy Opens Exhibition in Paris

By on November 4, 2014

The Galerie Esther Woerdehoff is presenting a series of images by Swiss photographer Gérard Musy, to be exhibited in a pop-up venue in the Marais area of Paris.

This is not Gérard’s fetish work, which we have often published in Skin Two, but is so stunning you’ll love it.

Gérard Musy’s Kaleidoscope series display a multiple and dynamic concept, celebrated by day and night in different ways: a slideshow will be projected on the gallery window, framed prints exhibited on the walls and finally, all the photographs of the series gathered in a central portfolio.

Music by Satie, Cage and Ligeti, tunes from musical boxes and scores from musicals will accompany the visitor into the immersive and vibrant vision.

The joyful subjects of Kaleidoscop are turned into a bright and colourful explosion in these photographs. The close-up compositions become almost abstract.

Gérard Musy, famous for his sleek and sophisticated black and white photographs, has initiated a reflection on colour. At first, there’s an natural attraction to bright colours that’s always been important through art history – often we forget the vibrant colours existing on antique or medieval sculptures.

Then, it reminds us the eternal opposition between colour and black and white: for example, the opposition between Malevich’s and Rodchenko’s monochrome paintings in the beginning of abstract art. To be more down to earth, that alternation can be also observed by the return of black at the beginning of the 80s after an extreme multicoloured psychedelic era throughout the 60s and 70s.

Within his horn of plenty – Cornucopia – Gérard Musy offers the viewers a motley mixture, spectacular patchwork and eruption of blazing colours. That chaotic effect is even enhanced by assembling four mirroring photographs within the same frame.

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