Gallery of Charles Gatewood Documentary Photography

By on May 29, 2013

McGovern Design House in New York present an new online gallery of the early documentary photography by the legendary Charles Gatewood

“Many agree that Charles’ early documentary work is comparable to that of photographic masters such as Diane Arbus”, says director Claire McGovern. “The objective of this new online gallery is illustrate the excellence of his work and provide a unique resource for the promotion of these remarkable photographs”

Charles Gatewood has been photographing the American underground for over 45 years (including the sexual underground – which is how he came to be a long time friend of Skin Two). His images have appeared in numerous publications and museum exhibitions. He has published over a dozen books and made several films.

Gatewood’s early photography was documentary and had a distinct political edge as seen in “Sidetripping” edited by W.S Burroughs and his study of Wall Street 1972-1976. These images of scenes from 1970s New York and Mardi Gras in New Orleans manifest a sardonic and mischievous commentary on evolving social behaviour following the upheaval and evolution of the previous decade

McGovern Design House offers an extensive selection of prints by Gatewood, including extremely rare vintage and new prints. There are lovely vintage portraits of Sly Stone, Sonny Rollins and Jimmy Page with William Burroughs, etc.

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