Freedom to Sing! With London Alternative Choir

By on January 21, 2014

From March 17th to June 28th, London Alternative Choir will be preparing a set of songs about freedom, about being oneself (and yes, some naughty songs too…) to be performed at the Flying Dutchman on 29th June.

If you can sing and come to practice, you can join us. As an unfunded choir, we do pay for our expenses (premises and pianist) but for this project we have been sponsored with a Small Grant from the Southwark LGBT Network, and with the support of The Flying Dutchman. Instead of a monthly subscription fee, therefore, we will only have a one-off inscription fee (of £20) from March to June. Concessions apply.

A great opportunity to meet like-minded people, learn more about your voice, and perform with the kinkiest choir in London!

Want to join? Contact us at

Rehearsal dates are: 17th March, 24 March, 31st March, 7th April, 28th April, 5th May,12th May, 19th May, 9th June, 16th June, 23rd June, 28th June… for a performance on 29th June.

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