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By on June 17, 2013

The new Skin Two LateXtra 37 has an interview with Kim RUB, proprietor of London’s friendly fetish club. What’s it like to run a fetish club and what sort of person does it? Find out in the new Skin Two LateXtra and get a copy FREE at Club RUB.


It’s Kim’s birthday this month – she’s 29 again – and she’s giving away Skin Two LateXtra FREE to the first 75 people who come to RUB on Saturday 22nd June. Find out about the party here –

If you can’t make it to Club RUB, get your copy of the new 56-page LateXtra magazine, in print or as a download, from

Here’s an excerpt from Tim’s interview with Kim…

Kim and I have known each other for a long time. In fact Kim recalls an embarrassing incident at Café Ensemble some time in the early ’nineties. Embarrassing for me, that is, so we won’t dwell on that. I’d rather recall the time Kim helped me out when I lost my luggage and met the woman of my dreams in San Francisco. That ended in tears too – mine. But Kim and I have been comrades in arms on the fetish scene for more years than Kim likes to remember. Kim still looks the same; how does she do that? We met up to talk about her pathway through pervery and the changes she has seen along the way…

“Club RUB is a fetish club for everybody. Everyone is welcome, from transvestites to rubber ravers who want to dance all night. Boy George did some impromptu DJing once and he got everyone on their feet. We have all age groups. I don’t discriminate against single men; I don’t believe in it. I have a strict dress code. One good friend I won’t let in because he wants to come in his camouflage trousers. It’s the dress code that makes it a fetish club. I mean, if he would go to town and wear the tin hat, the ammo belt, the flak jacket, the boots and really look the part, then maybe. But just a pair of camouflage trousers and a t-shirt. It’s not it, is it?”

We chat about the limits of a fetish club and what she does and doesn’t want to see happening at RUB. “I don’t think you see any hardcore S&M going on anywhere. Even at Pedestal. It’s all very fluffy in the clubs. Club RUB is very light-hearted, it’s very outfit led. Amazing outfits, cobbled together. Creative, bizarre. The emphasis is on fetishistic dress and creativity, definitely. That’s probably a reflection of me.” As for the nuts and bolts, she explains that running a club isn’t all rubber and stilettos. It also involves respecting the local council.

“When I was at one venue, they went from not having a nudity license to having one. I kept quiet about that, funnily enough, because fetish to me is putting clothes on, not taking them off. I suppose it’s handy for the odd person who takes their clothes off. Always keep your shoes on though. The police tend to not really mind, so long as people are not actually having sex on the premises. I mean, Club RUB has a no sex policy. It’s a fetish club and not a swinging club. I don’t want to have a couples room.”

Read the rest in Skin Two LateXtra 37

Photo of Kim Rub by Hannah Grainger

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