The Folsom Street Fair By Miss Maggie Mayhem

By on September 25, 2009

The leather pride flag has been adorning the streets of San Francisco heralding in the high holy day of the kink world, The Folsom Street Fair. Thousands of people will fill the hotels, restaurants, and especially bars to celebrate en masse our right to make our own sexual choices as consenting adults.

Folsom Street Fair Poster

When I look up at Market and Castro and see a giant pride flag blowing in the wind, I get a bit sentimental. I am extraordinarily blessed to live in a city where we get police protection at an event like this as well as corporate sponsorship. Although I am normally a beer snob, I will happily sip on Miller beer because despite harassment from the religious right they have enough business sense to come out to us. Say what you will about queer culture, consumerism, and drinking it takes balls not to pull back when someone is sending shock photos to your family just because you are employed with a company that knows how to make a sale.

Despite the presence of a few bad apples at the event, it’s always fun. Last year I performed at the Mr. S Leather booth but this year I am wandering around for fun. I will miss the shade and protection of a booth, but I have a volunteer gig later in the evening at the Real Bad XXI party and I have no interest in wearing myself out too early. The Real Bad party is one of the biggest gay leather dance parties in the circuit scene and as of this year they will have raised over $1 million dollars for charity. One of my clinics is a beneficiary so for my second year running I will be helping out with crowd control and drooling over all of the boys.

Folsom is also a period of reflection for me. It’s like the leather new year. This time last year I was just getting back into the scene after a long absence. I was starting out modelling in front of the camera and taking on a very public persona as a lifestyle player. In one year’s time I have taken quite a few photos, done some writing gigs, and dipped my toes into video work. I’ve played hard and heavy as a top and a bottom. Whether it was a cattle prod, a surgical stapler, or extensive bruising I’ve been on both sides and I’m really excited to see what is in store for me next year.

So fly your freak flag high, my friends. Let all of the spankos, the lifestylers, the fetishists, the puppy players, the ponies, the experienced, the novices, and the curious enjoy a day of fun. Just don’t forget to put some sunscreen on your ball sack because I promise that I will laugh if you wind up with a ridiculous (pun intended) sunburn.

By Miss Maggie Mayhem

Pictures by Sleek Images

Folsom Street Fair :

Folsom Street Events is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization that produces volunteer-driven events for the global adult alternative lifestyle community. Comprised almost entirely of volunteers, the organization donates net proceeds to selected San Francisco Bay Area and national charities. For more information, visit
Tickets may be purchased at purchased at

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