Flagrante Delicto, New Erotica by Will Santillo

By on January 1, 2009


There must be a thousand books of kinky sex photographs on the market. Most of them are crap. A pretty model in a rubber dress and heels, maybe carrying a whip, and you’re done. We get loads of them at Skin Two. Most get a quick glance and then it’s down to the local charity shop. They love us in there.


How many of these glossy, expensively produced “coffee table” books really have a lasting impact on your mind? I have only a few I wouldn’t part with. Bob Carlos Clarke’s “Shooting Sex” is one. Anything by Gilles Berquet, of course. Some vintage French rudery. Not much more, though.

But Flagrante Delicto, by Will Santillo, is one of those elite editions that anyone who loves filthy sex with style will want in their collection. It won’t stay on the bookshelf gathering dust, either – you’ll take it down and look at it often.

Flagrante Delicto is a limited edition of only a thousand copies. Hard bound and beautifully printed on expensive cream paper, its 156 pages contain 125 exquisite tri-tone photographs. Page size is a lavish 300 x 324 mm. This is the first in a planned series of three editions.

erotic photography

Flagrante Delicto shows couples having sex. I mean, really having sex. Nobody in the book is a paid model. Everyone knew their partner before the photo session. None of the scenes were rehearsed, or directed by the photographer. Santillo describes the sessions as “authentic instances of connection” and it’s real all right – that’s the point. It’s as different from the dreary run of kinky soft porn as you can get.

This goes way beyond fetish. There’s voyeurism, sadomasochism, threesomes, one couple having their first lesbian experience – it’s sex in its purest and most stylish form. Flagrante Delicto is explicit, powerful and beautiful.

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lesbian sex

flagrante delicto

Have a good look at Will Santillo’s website at http://www.santillophotography.com. Click on the link for Flagrante Delicto and then I suggest you order yours now. There are only a thousand copies and I’m keeping mine.

Tim Woodward

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