Filming Belle de Jour with Billie Piper

By on September 18, 2007

belle de jourLook out for an 8-part drama series set to premiere Thursday September 27th at 10 pm on ITV 2, starring Billie Piper and based on the famous Belle de Jour Diaries.

Production company Tiger Aspect recently contacted well known London dominatrix Empress Victoria to advise on a domination scene. Series producer Beccy de Souzer and the writer came to visit Victoria and see her dungeon in early February. They discussed ideas on what de Souzer wanted and Tiger Aspect sent Victoria the script for editing. Filming took place early July in Surrey. Victoria says “Director Yann Demange got so excited when they were filming the beating and domestic training – especially the beating – he insisted on harder beatings and it took about 15 takes to meet his requirements.”

Billie Piper had to wear a long sleeve rubber dress plus a leather corset for the SM scene, it was about 1 1/2 days filming in a warm studio. Belle’s apartment was tastefully designed; there was a leather bench from Coco de Mer and stylish SM furniture for the show.

Empress Victoria – “I arrived at the studio on Sunday morning and the crew was filming Mistress Sirona (Sally Dexter) giving Belle (Billie Piper) some tips on domination. Sally did extremely well! The scene took about 3 hours to complete, Sally had to spank and whip the slave (Darren Clarke) with a riding crop about 20 times, each time Yann Demange wanted Sally to spank and whip harder. My favourite scene is Belle trampling her client Larry (Simon Kunz). Billie expressed her role as a frustrated, bored, inexperienced dominatrix very well.”

UK and PC based users can find out more and watch a clip of Billie Piper as Belle de Jour here: