Oh No, It’s FetishMan!

By on February 10, 2011

Fetishman is a humorous comic about the adventures of a rubber-clad hero and the wide world of alternative sexual activities. Best described as a “disturbing cocktail of cute and kinky,” the comics caper giddily around a wide range of themes, touching on, among other things, BDSM, nuns, furries, the extreme porn law, butt plugs, Victorians, sci-fi, the colour brown, heroes, villains and for some reason tea.

Since creating the first issue in 2004 Geof has also been privileged to exhibit work at Coffee, Cake and Kink and the Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium, and the Fetishman comics are now a regular feature in Foreplay magazine.

The latest Fetishman Issue # 12 “Old Mother Fetishman’s Fairly Filthy Tales of Folk and Fairies” is currently available from www.fetishman.co.uk as well as at selected comic shops, and occasionally also from the Fetishman stall at various UK fetish fairs, comic conventions, goth weekends and other events. Issue #13 is due out May 2011.

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