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By on June 30, 2010

Fetish Rocks is a unique collective of music, photography and fashion, celebrating the diversity of kink lifestyle in the UK. The final year fashion show at Angela Ruskin University, Cambridge, recently showcased a range of these new and exciting styles by Fetish Rocks designer Joy Williams.
Fetish Rocks

Joy’s portfolio included half a dozen stunning new outfits based on a mix of Victorian and steampunk themes. Latex, with a hint of pony girl, and a New Britannia look was the story of the night. There was playful – haute couture dresses in black and cream latex – and there was sexy: figure-hugging, teasingly almost see-through dresses, patterned with her current fascination: liquid latex.

Joy explains: “I enjoy working with latex – and there are many more ideas I’d like to bring to fruition. Over the last few months, I’ve been interested in adding texture: turning the ordinary into something special. Liquid latex offers the opportunity to add pattern and style in a way that designers haven’t really done before.”

Fetish Rocks

A recent photo shoot by Fetish Rocks photographers Helena Rox and Howard Haigh, means that now you can experience these designs for yourself at www.myspace.com/fetishrocks

-6At just 24, Joy Williams is a bright new talent in the fetish design firmament. She first came to the attention of Fetish Rocks when one of their models noticed Joy’s interest in latex – and asked if she would design some pieces for one of their fashion shoots. Joy agreed and the results of that collaboration have been appearing on the screens at Fetish Rocks shows over the last few months. She has since built on her early enthusiasm for latex with a spell working for one of the world leaders in fetish fashion, House of Harlot.

Joy leaves Cambridge this summer and plans to set up her own design and fashion business, with a continuing focus on latex – and themes that bring together fun, fetish and fashion. Her work can be seen alongside Helena and Howard’s photography at Delicious in Derby on 31st July, see www.delicious-burlesque.com

Meanwhile, Fetish Rocks is looking for new venues to exhibit their work in the North West. As each new iteration of their show brings on new ideas and a growing maturity of style and presentation, they are one event that deserves the support of anyone and everyone who believes that kinksters should be celebrating their diverse lifestyles, rather than hiding away.

If you like what you see, Fetish Rocks are now available to work on individual fashion and photography commissions. For a quote on individually tailored outfits based on the designs on show, or for fetish themed photo shoots, get in touch via fetishrocks@hotmail.com or tel 07772 090 890. Website: www.myspace.com/fetishrocks

by Jane Fae
UK Erotic Writer of the Year, 2010
Personal blog: Janefae.wordpress.com
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