Fetish Rocks in Lancashire

By on September 11, 2009

The initially low-profile Fetish Rocks event, which took place in the unlikely former industrial town of Wigan, in August, had some useful pre-publicity when a councillor vented his outrage to the local paper. As Fetish Rocks took place late at night in a licensed adult venue, the councillor’s fear that children might stumble across it was somewhat misplaced but helped promote the event to an enthusiastic clubbing crowd.

Fetish Rocks 001

So what was Fetish Rocks about? It was part photography exhibition, part fashion show, part multimedia with a strong, sexy rubber feel to it. Put together by photographer Helen Hewitt and her collaborative partner artist Howard Haigh, the pair produced several series of fetish and erotic photos shot in unusual locations such as tumbledown warehouses, crumbling stately homes and farmyards.

Fetish Rocks 002

A selection of shots from the shoots were exhibited on the walls of the club. The multimedia part of the event consisted of slideshows of the full photo series; these often told a story (such as the one about a transvestite getting ready to go out) and were matched to music that helped viewers interpret the images.

Local fashion student, Joy Williams, designed the rubberwear – gorgeous skintight black catsuits and brightly coloured cop-style minidresses, all unusually appliquéd with rubber flower silhouettes – worn by fetish models who performed raunchy lap dances for the crowd.

Fetish Rocks 003

It was an ambitious event that worked well in some areas, less so in others. Helen Hewitt shows real talent for fetish photography while rubber designer Joy Williams, who went for appliqué as she didn’t know how to stitch rubber, has already been snapped up by House of Harlot for an internship. Keep an eye out for both these names in future, as they are both promising talent.

Fetish Rocks is now planning a UK mini-tour and there’s one new confirmed date – 27 September at the Kage Club in Bury.

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Louise Bolotin



March 6, 2010 @ 01:14

saw your add FL, love this shoot, good lighting, good thoughts, love it, well done

Amanda McGuire

September 13, 2009 @ 17:06

Hey as being one of the models (pic above) thought it was a great thing to be apart of and cant wait to see more of the show.

Good luck
Fetish rocks


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