Fetish Rocks, Bury 11th April or 9th May

By on April 8, 2010

They’re kinky. They’re sexy. They’re fun. But what exactly is the point to “Fetish Rocks”, a show that mixes music and slideshows, latex and fashion, and can be found playing the second Sunday of each month at Partners Club in Bury?

The answer, for those who have yet to see it, is that Fetish Rocks is the seriously under-appreciated brainchild of Helen Hewitt and Howard Haigh, a pair of professional photographers and artists, who believe that what the kink community get up to in their spare time is deserving of celebration.


The event has been previously described as part photo exhibition, part rock performance, part fashion show, but it is much more. Central to Fetish Rocks is music – a hard uncompromising rock sound – that acts as backdrop and explanation to each individual photo sequence. Each sequence illustrates some aspect of fetish, either as story, or as montage.

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In between, the audience are treated to hot burlesque: in March, it was the turn of Honey and Coco Dee Lite , with a special guest appearance scheduled from Kitty Van Ghoul. Automotive troubles meant that Kitty couldn’t make it (but she will be performing at the next show in April), whilst the compere was mysteriously absent following an “accident” involving a cable and some frozen veg – don’t ask!

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The show is evolving and learning. On its first outing, in Wigan in 2009, it was roundly condemned by the leader of the local Tories – who hadn’t even bothered to view it – stating “We should be looking to attract families into Wigan, not weirdos”. It has been working hard to find the right venue – the right formula – to put on something that is possibly unique at this moment in the fetish world.

And it is succeeding. Fetish Rocks has grown in stature and professionalism over the last twelve months, learnt from mistakes, coped with adversity and now offers something you will be hard put to find anywhere else in the UK. That is: a space that is purely and simply about appreciating fetish, without being required to play, munch, chat or socialise (although all those are possible as well).

The show continues to expand: a new slideshow sequence will soon be added, featuring a delightfully latexed Helena Rox and Kitty (dress to Impress competition winner) in the club pool.

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In June, Fetish Rocks will be descending on Cambridge where it will be showcasing the work of fashion student and latex designer Joy Williams.

If you can get to the North-West on 11 April or 9 May, go along and appreciate the effort and dedication that have gone into creating an event for the fetish community. You won’t be disappointed.

by Jane Fae

Entry is £15. Bring your own alcohol. Soft drinks only are on sale.

Fetish Rocks runs from 4 pm to 9pm. (Partners is open till 4am and couples may stay if they wish. but single males must leave at 9pm)

Dress Code! Burlesque, rubber/latex/leather, goth/cyber, uniform, cross dress or formal evening wear, black shirt/trousers, strictly no jeans or trainers.

For more info visit www.myspace.com/fetishrocks
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/Fet.Rocks?ref=ts
Online portfolio fetishrocks.daportfolio.com/

There are also postings on Fetlife and Informed Consent

Mail them at fetishrocks@hotmail.com
Phone: 0777 209 0890

Our review of fetish Rocks in Wigan last year is at www.skintwo.co.uk/fetish-rocks-in-lancashire

Partners is at Whitelegge St, Bury, BL8 1SW www.partners2partners.co.uk
Tel: 0161 763 7440

If you want to stay overnight, try the Village Hotel, only 5 minutes away – 0161 764 4444

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April 23, 2010 @ 14:28

Just to let people know!

The May show has been CANCELLED due to a change in venue more details will follow!

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