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The next Fetish Project will take place on the 16 th of November.

That evening will be dedicated to a most special event : Salem’s birthday!

On that occasion there will be several surprises such as an amazing show performed by Rack Framboise aka Miss Marquis 2010.

DJ Xerious, DJ Drakxxs and DJ Chavakiah will electrify the dancefloor.

Robert Darklight will blow your mind with a superb exhibition of his work. The exhibition will go on from 6pm to 9pm in free access on the boat and will be reopened in the beginning of the evening counting from 10pm.

Numerous personalities of the fetish scene will be attendance to this one of a kind event.

A dungeon will be available for those who wish to play. Please pay respect to the place and leave it if you don’t wish to play.

We would advise you  to pre order your tickets as we are waiting for a lot of people to be joining the party! Place it now in your agendas on the 16th of November to come and rock the party with us!!

We would like to remind everyone that the dress code at this event is to be respected strictly if you don’t want to be refused access to the event, even for preorder ticket holders

If you are not sure about an outfit send a picture or a description of it to:
« contact@fetish-project.be »

.The event will end around 6am as usual.


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