London & Paris!

By on October 20, 2009

Planning on coming to the Skin Two Rubber Ball?  What would you say to a round trip, taking in both Paris and London? How about that for a weekend treat just before Christmas!

James with Rubber Doll

The Demonia party in Paris is on Thursday 10th December, so you can start your trip in London, take the Eurostar to Paris for Demonia, spend a couple of days in France… and be back in perfect time for Skin Two Rubber Ball. Then return home from London.

Or maybe start your trip in Paris, enjoy Demonia, then hop over to London by Eurostar for Skin Two Rubber Ball and fly home from London?

The important thing is to realise that the Eurostar is fast, comfortable and takes you from central London to central Paris just like a super de luxe subway train. No need to fly! If you are coming over from the USA, or even from within Europe, this is a super holiday trip!
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