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By on August 15, 2011

You’re dressed to the nines for a fetish club, but have nothing to match, carry your kit? This is no longer a problem as Freak Clubwear have designed a new fetish kit bag, perfect for storing and transporting your fetish toys.

The bags are made by Freak Clubwear in the UK, enabling them to be made to measure for your specific kit – and even in a range of colours and fabrics. The bags feature pockets, slots, and ties to hold all your different items neatly in place. They roll up and have sturdy straps, making them easy to carry and store. The bags can be laid out at home or clubs to keep all your kit to hand, or they can be hung up. No more rummaging for your clamps or tangled up flogger tails!

This is only one item in the new storage range by Freak Clubwear. The range also includes sturdy leather cases for all size pinwheels – no more stabbing yourself when looking for it in your bag. If you already have a kit bag you may find the new flogger bags useful. The bags are designed to store individual floggers – a great way to stop the tails getting tangled in the rest of your gear!

Vicky of Freak Clubwear says “From visiting clubs with our own kit, and watching others at the events we felt there was a real need to help get fetish equipment organised! Many people spend a lot of money on beautiful floggers, for them to then get tangled together in a rucksack. We also understand the frustration of losing nipple clamps somewhere in the kit bag we were previously using. So we decided it was time to design something to keep all items easily to hand, so no more time would be lost sorting out the kit during a scene.”

Freak Clubwear have been designing fetish equipment, clothing and accessories since 2003. Many of their creations are crafted exclusively by them, enabling them to maintain quality and originality.

To view the range visit www.freakclubwear.co.ukstore and click to view the fetish equipment section.

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alessandro lemos

August 16, 2011 @ 16:02

Awesome toys!

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