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By on July 4, 2011

Fetish Freedom was launched in December 2010 and is a dedicated fetish social network, business directory and market place for all things fetish.

The social network side is like a fetish Facebook for like minded individuals to meet, make friends, post pictures and join group discussions, with instant messaging chat facility.

There is also a dedicated market place known as FetishBay for all things fetish. It operates just like eBay, and you can buy and sell fetish products with PayPal or Google Checkout. Currently there are no seller charges.

Fetish News pages consist of amusing and current news items, articles and news stories on the business members.

Fetish Freedom is building an extensive Fetish Business Directory, consisting of clothing and accessories, books and publications, clubs and venues, naturist holidays, fetish holidays, fetish art, footwear, photographers, furniture, restraints, jewellery, markets, sex toys, tattooists, piercers and more. Every fetish business can claim their FREE listing.

The site may be new but the Fetish Freedom team are not new to the fetish scene of which they have been a part of for the last 16 years. They are known in the fetish world and have many friends and contacts within the fetish scene. There are four members in the Fetish Freedom team consists of 4 business minded people with other successful businesses already behind them.

The tech guys are Ben – a very talented web designer and Andy – an extremely talented computer programmer. They have packed the site with the latest operating technology, so that everything runs smoothly and instant messaging for chat is seamless. On the promotions side are Suzanne and Paul, both successful business people working on building the business directory, contacting businesses and keeping the website up to date with news etc and getting out to the clubs and venues to spread the word.

The Fetish Freedom team are all dedicated to making Fetish Freedom a success and would like to think that every fetish company will consider Fetish Freedom the place to advertise and anyone into fetish will consider Fetish Freedom the place to shop.

Businesses which advertise on Fetish Freedom will target the very people they want as customers – the fetish community.

When businesses join Fetish Freedom they get an impressive full colour, full page business profile absolutely free with many add ons and the ability to add unlimited photos and include themselves on the websites fetish events calendar via their own admin panel, allowing them to administer and edit their profile as much as they want to. Also to be able to sell products in the fetish market place “FetishBay” with no seller charges.

It is fantastic for small business’s without a website, as it is like having a mini website with no financial outlay and no hassles. Fetish Freedom does the advertising and promotion, carrying all their business members along with them.

Many businesses have already listed themselves; Club Rub, Club Subversion,Torture Garden, Club Black Whip, Circus of Horrors, The London Fetish Fair and many more.

Eventually advertising on Fetish Freedom will have to be paid for, but in the building stages everything is FREE and those joining now will have preferential rates when payment time comes, if they wish to continue receiving the same levels of promotion.

You can sign up for both a business membership as well as a community membership to enjoy all the benefits of Fetish Freedom.

Community members can enjoy a whole raft of benefits:

* Create a profile with unlimited image galleries

* Online Twitter-style Diary

* “Make Private” facility to only display photos to your friends

* Make friends throughout the Fetish Freedom Community

* Instant Private Chat with like minded people

* Join or start a forum with our Community Chat

* Save companies to your favourites section

* Easily buy and Sell products online with PayPal or Google Checkout

If you are a Fetish Company then sign up for a business account. You will be able to promote your company through our business directory as well as sell products through our market place known as FetishBay.

Business members can enjoy the following benefits:

* Create a business profile with unlimited image galleries. Create your events on the “Whats On Calendar”

* Google map tracking on your profile.

* Easily sell your event tickets on our Ticket Sales page.

* Easily sell products online with PayPal or Google Checkout

* Quality news Items dedicated to your business to help you promote your business.

* We will include your news items on our new feature information bar on the home page, which is the first thing visitors to the site see.

* Twitter promotion – we will promote all your business tweets and they will also show on our home page so all visitors get to see them.

* Community members are able to save your company profile into their “My Favourites” section.

* Community members can send your company e mails through the business directory.

* Automatic free directory line listing

There is not much in life that is FREE, but at the moment Fetish Freedom is.

Everyone’s got a fetish, what’s yours?

To see what you get as a business or a community member when you join Fetish Freedom click here



July 22, 2011 @ 18:42

not bad, lots to read and do on this website. Also the ebay style shop looks like a really cool idea.

Would recommend A+


July 21, 2011 @ 20:02

Loving this new site, spent ages on it, joined the community looked around at all the fetish sites advertising there and ended up reading most of their fetish news some real kinky but funny stuff there. Think I might sort out some of my expensive fetish gear that no longer fits me and see if I can sell it on their kinky e bay place.


July 9, 2011 @ 00:45

The site looks well good I am joining the community and so many fetish things on there.

alessandro lemos

July 5, 2011 @ 15:46


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