Fetish Fantasy Fashion of Mercedes and Gen

By on September 22, 2009

fetish fantasy fashion house of harlotCombine villainous comic book characters with Lucha Libre masks and a high end rubber and leather fetish. It would provide you with something like Mercedes and Gen’s Fetish Fantasy Fashion. This self-published hard cover photo book features expensively constructed, fantastical works of art thought up by the couple.

Very much inspired by John Sutcliffe’s Atomage Magazine, and his The Avengers creations, and by Robin Archer’s notorious Wasp costume, featured in Skin Two, expect to find very complex and detailed masterpieces finished in all sorts from leather, vinyl and latex, to studs, spikes and chains; and of course, paired with worryingly high stilettos and menacing boots.

latex fashion and art

Carnival in Venice seems to have been another influence, among many, and they frequently attend the Grand Balls to show off their labours of love (which you’ll find at a glance among these pages). “Little did I know at the time that this meeting would be the start of a more than decade long relationship leading to some of the most extraordinary fetish costumes ever created…,” says Robin Archer, director of House of Harlot (who once designed for Jean Paul Gaultier and Thierry Mugler, and has collaborated with M & G), about the couple’s thriving imaginations and creations. fetish fantasy fashion gen and mercedes

Mercedes models, Gen photographs. There’s nothing these two won’t do. It’s definitely something to look out for, not that you would have any trouble spotting their creations. Visit the House of Harlot website (www.house-of-harlot.com) to secure your copy for £39.95.

Review by Kara Martin

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