Fetish Evolution Weekend: 2013, Essen, Germany

By on March 13, 2013

From March 29 – April 2, join us at the 10th annual Fetish Evolution Weekend, for five days of exclusive fetish partying and stay in the top class event hotel – it’s the ultimate fetish weekend.

Fetish-Evolution_001Friday 29th March
Official reception at the event hotel, where you can meet the models, artists, performers, photographers, exhibitors, publishers, etc who are all involved in the event

Saturday 30th March
Saturday night starts with the Nuit Bizarre Dinner. An exquisite four course menu, bizarre performances and a splendid ambiance – our decadent and exclusive bizarre dinner.|

Then, at 10:30, it’s time for the Nuit Bizarre Party – dance, play and enjoy the performances at the opening party of the weekend…

Fetish Evolution Weekend: March 29 - April 2, Essen, GermanySunday 31st March
The legendary Fetish Evolution Ball takes place at a fabulous venue, the Delta in Essen, with thousands of square metres of steel and glass, hanging cages, fantastic decoration, a huge multi-tiered stage, an ocean of candles and state-of-the art sound system.

The fashion show features eight to ten of the world’s top fetish designers and up to a hundred models, showing what’s hot and new in the scene. In the SM shows, fetish divas perform for you. For the 10th anniversary you can expect the shows to be even more elaborate than ever. In addition to the main fashion and SM shows, other acts are presented in the play hall.

The play hall is fully equipped with SM furniture for you to enjoy…

Monday April 1st
The morning after the grand Fetish Evolution Ball, the delicious brunch at Hotel Bredeney is an excellent way to regain your strength. After a long and hot night, you can even recover at the hotel´s Spa.

Still the weekend far from over – at 7pm it’s time for the chill-out barbecue and pool party. The pool area at Hotel Bredeney is very cool. Have a cocktail and enjoy some really good food at the BBQ

Tuesday April 2nd
Before you head for home, enjoy a hearty German breakfast at the Bredeny and catch up with all the new friends you made over the weekend

How’s that for a great fetish weekend! On the event website you’ll find photos of the top fetish models and performers from around the world who you’ll see at Fetish Evolution. You will also find more detailed information on the events, photos from previous years, details of the event hotel and how to book tickets etc… Visit: www.fetishevolution.de

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