Fetish Club Isis

By on May 11, 2007

Club Isis - Fetish Club LondonFor some reason, we had never got to Club Isis in the Walthamstow, East London area. That’s odd, because one of the organisers, Ian, was featured on the cover of Skin Two Magazine issue number one in 1984!

Well, we finally made it the other day and had a really great time. Isis is a small, friendly club, with no loud music, which means you can actually chat and enjoy the company of fellow pervs. In London, that’s a very welcome change.

There’s playspace, of course and Isis is perfect for players, or those who just want to hang out. It’s air conditioned, there’s plenty of seating and a relaxed women-friendly atmosphere.

It’s easy to find Isis from central, North or East London and from the M25. There’s plenty of parking which is just as well, because we’ll be back. For information on Fetish Club Isis, go here: www.fetishclubisis.co.uk

For a  gallery of pics, go here.