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We’ve got some great new books in store for you – just the thing to keep you engrossed by your fireside during the chilly January nights…

How to be Kinkier

How’s that for a great title! From wrist cuffs all the way to vacuum beds and anal balloon beads (!), via BDSM etiquette, role play and rope bondage, Morpheus takes you through all kinds of stuff you fancy doing but didn’t know how – and introduces you to interesting new games you might like to try out.

There are over 20 detailed step-by-step photo essays with full instructions. Everything is clearly explained, with plenty of handy tips and tricks and over 400 colour photographs. This is a hefty 320-page illustrated volume that should be on every kinky person’s bookshelf – it’s a bible of BDSM! £17.99 Buy it Now

SM 101 A Realistic Introduction

This is THE essential classic reference book of safe, sane and consensual SM. Over 80,000 copies have been sold already and it covers everything you could possibly need to know. Author Jay Wiseman takes you from preliminaries through finding a partner, to the practical side of things.

Bondage, flagellation, clamps, sub-dom interaction, safety, femdom, SM relationships, organisations – it’s all here. 392 pages of it! If you want to learn about SM in a responsible and intelligent way, this book is a must. £18.99 Buy it Now

Dark Rising

You can do such a lot with fantasy art, can’t you? I guess that’s why we love it. We’ve all seen dominant women, yes – but dominant women pirates? ! Fierce female warriors, armed to the teeth and ready for action. Deadly women vampires, space captains striding across far distant moonscapes, gorgeous machine gun-toting gangster girls, cheeky pinup babes.

They are all in this large format super fetish fantasy art book by Aly Fell, a bargain for your collection, at only £9.99. Buy it Now

The Mistress Manual

This underground classic has been updated with new ideas and information, from finding (or creating) a submissive male through maintaining your relationship – balancing fantasy and reality.

There are sections on establishing your authority, the language of power, costumes, determining his needs and balancing them with yours. Safe words, spanking technique, the psychology of punishment, implements to use, bondage, chastity devices, fantasy role play, humiliation, sissy maids and ten rules for the successful mistress.

Turn your male into an obedient and devoted slave and have fun doing it. £13.99 Buy it Now

Showing You the Ropes

This is a super guide to bondage, showing you close up, step by step, how to tie basic knots and combine them into bondage techniques. There are over 750 photos and captions to show the start to-finish techniques for turning great knots into bondage that is safe, sensual, attractive, and effective.

Readers can learn at their own pace, review whole techniques at a single glance, or even lay it flat on the table and follow along as they tie. £11.99 Buy it Now

The Ultimate Guide to Kink

An authoritative guide to kinky sex. Award-winning author Tristan Taormino is editor of no less than sixteen editions of the Best Lesbian Erotica series and has been featured in over two hundred publications, including The New York Times, Cosmopolitan, Glamour and Men’s Health. She has appeared on CNN, MTV and The Discovery Channel.

Learn spanking, caning and flogging from Lolita Wolf and how to train your sex slave by Laura Antoniou. There’s a guide to bondage from Midori and she also contributes a chapter on the art and philosophy of female dominance. Covering both ends of the subject, learn vaginal fisting from Sarah Sloane and the ins and outs of anal fisting from Patrick Califia. Madison Young presents her personal manifesto as a submissive.

These writers are simply as good as it gets and the book works really well as a great introduction to kinky BDSM sex. £11.99 Buy it Now

These books are available now for postage to customers worldwide from our own store here – KFSMedia.com

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