Fetish Astrology by Marissa Moon. Lush and Lucid…

By on August 30, 2010

Aries Honour fire, your element, by lighting your play space with red candles. Let her drip molten wax on your skin. This is best done some way into a session, perhaps after your fire has been stoked with a sensual spanking.

Taurus  I see a long journey ahead. One undertaken with your head between Madame’s legs while she gives you Sat Nav directions. Listen carefully. It’s the only way to travel.
Gemini Two face Gemini is a natural for crossdressing. Don’t obsess over looking divine, If it feels good, do it. Best let her dress you up though. She’ll be much better at it then you. And it’s more sensual being fussed over.

Cancer Your element water is the easiest to use in play. Who hasn’t made love in a bath? But are you neglecting to use ice cubes sensually? Brush erogenous zones with ice,(sparingly!), then warm the skin with kisses and caresses.

Leo Maybe you can’t match a lion’s roar but you can breathe fire over your partner’s most intimate regions. Especially appropriate during and after a spanking.

Virgo Gently push her pubic mound upwards and her clitoris will be available to tease with the tip of your tongue.  Two or three fingers inside should seal the deal.

Libra It may seem obvious to mention wearing stockings and high heels during sex but then you can’t beat the classics. Should it be the man or the woman who looks luscious in lingerie? Toss a coin to find out.

Scorpio It’s a good time of year for hospital play, as you may well be confined to bed with a temperature. Will Nurse  pamper you? Or will she ask Doctor to examine her?

Sagittarius  Sagittarius likes to learn. If you didn’t know that big, beautiful woman are often superior to neurotic, chainsmoking diet freaks now is the time to find out. Flesh feels better than skin and bone. Keeps you warm in winter too…

Capricorn Some find the word ‘slut’ hot and horny. Some wish to be worshipped. Don’t assume you know who wants what. A few discreet enquiries work wonders.
Aquarius Masturbation is boring? Get her to try thumb and two finger grip. Ms Fist and her five saucy sisters will have a new tune in their repertoire. Then listen while she teaches you her song.
Pisces We’re all familiar with tying someone up but what about making love with both partners’ hands tied? Behind the back? It’s a cross between sex and ducking for apples. Try it.

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