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By on October 10, 2008

femdom filmsThe first of the FemDomFilms’ Tease and Denial movies with Daisy Rock are now available. You can buy them by going to www.FemDomFilms.eu

UK residents can’t buy films from our website, but you can still get them from third party website Clips4sale. Click here

FemDomFilms is filling a gap in the market – everyone knows that in real life couples like to combine sex with their BDSM, but this is seldom catered for in BDSM films. So our new films will appeal to people who like watching the sort of thing that real couples enjoy doing in Dom/sub relationships.

femdom films

These films combine favourites like female domination, male submission, male humiliation, collar and leash, tease and denial, CFMN, chastity and shoe worship, with female penetration and genital display.

What could be hotter than a woman teasing her boyfriend by pleasuring herself with a great black dildo while he is forbidden to watch? And, unlike the boyfriend, you get to see everything!

These two new films are part of a sequence, and we will have more films in the sequence going up over the next few weeks, so don’t forget to stop by and check out our website for the new releases.

Upcoming films will appeal to fans of anal (and who isn’t?) as they show Daisy playing with herself anally with one of her favourite toys, then putting a dildo gag on Richard for an anal face fucking session. This sequence is very hot indeed. The series of films end with Richard being locked away in chastity.

The anal penetration scenes were at Daisy’s specific request as her favourite sort of sex is anal, and we can guarantee that all those orgasms were genuine. After the shoot we decided that, since Daisy enjoyed the dildo gag so much, she really ought to keep it!

As usual the films are available in Part 1 and Part 2 plus a full length version and there are photos taken during the film shoot plus free film clips of the action.

And as ours is not a membership site there’s no form filling or monthly fees, you just choose the films you want and download them.

Marina James

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