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By on February 12, 2009

comingforthbydayThe Sanguinomicon is the core tome of the Strigoi Vii Legacy. In Romanian, Strigoi Vii means “The Living Vampire Witch.” The teachings and traditions of Strigoi Vii are now fully revealed in this updated third edition, written by Father Sebastiaan (Founding Father of the Sanguinarium movement) with luminaries of the Strigoi Vii culture.

The Vampyre Prospectus (0°) is the elementary core text of the Sanguinomicon, introducing seekers, scholars and initiates alike to the Legacy of Strigoi Vii. The Prospectus, formally known as the “Scroll of Elorath,” reveals the most outer of Our Mysteries. The Prospectus addresses the traditions, philosophy, covenants, rituals, and Initiations of the Living Vampyre Witch, as well as the organization of the Family. The Prospectus will help the reader in differentiating fact from fantasy in regards to the Living Vampyre. The reader will discover that the reality of the Strigoi Vii is distinct from the psychic vampire or blood drinker; instead it is something wholly unique, yet inspired by and aspiring to the entirety of the modern vampire/Vampyre subculture worldwide.

The Sanguinomicon: Liber Jahira “Coming forth by Day” 3rd edition is the second book in the Sanguinomicon series detailing the mysteries of the Strigoi Vii and the movement of the Sanguinarium. These tomes are designed to challenge and inspire your views on vampirism and Vampyrism.

If you are ronin, an initiate of the Strigoi Vii mysteries, a seeker of knowledge, scholar or Black Swan, this book is an excellent contribution to your library. Translated “Living Vampyre” from Romanian Strigoi Vii is a multi-paradigm system of traditions, philosophies, chaos magick, Vampyrism and rationalism.

Coming forth by Day will be an 80+ page, color covered book presented by the Ordo Strigoi Vii and written by Father Sebastiaan, founding father of this movement. Releasing March 15th, 2009.

Included in this edition are chapters:

I. Coming forth by Day: the Jahira Initiation
II. The Evolving Human
III. Awakening Your Dragon
IV. Empowering Your Personal Glamour
V. Mastery of the Mortal Coil
VI. Solitifying Corporeal Immortality
VII. Furthering the Family Quest
VIII. Vampyre Sensuality (Strigoi Vii Sex)
IX. Beginning the Art of Vampyrism

This tome will succeed earlier editions of the Sanguinomicon and be released on March 15th, 2009. Originally we set the date of February 15th for the Anti-Valentines Vampire Ball in NYC however production and editorial delays have postponed this date.

If you would like to know more about Strigoi Vii and the Sanguinomicon series please feel free to visit the following links:

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The official Sanguinomicon website: http://www.sanguinomicon.com
The Current of Elorath message boards: http://www.strigoivii.org

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