Extreme Male Swim and Fetishwear from Koala

By on September 2, 2010

Go extreme with Men’s Swimwear from Koalaswim.com! Koala offers extreme men’s swimwear, male-to-female transformation suits, male chastity devices, spandex fetish wear, penis display designs and a line of anal insertion swim and fetish suits.

Koala started as a swimwear manufacturer in the USA sixteen years ago and has evolved info one of the most progressive spandex fetish wear providers, shipping products worldwide. They offer an interesting mix of styles, from swimwear the enhances the size of the penis all the way to transformation designs that literally change the look of man to a woman.

Wild spandex fetish designs by Michael David are created to showoff the penis. Wrapped in metal rings, spandex and rubber rings of interesting combinations, these penis display designs do all sorts of unusual things, like penis stretching, ball stretching, ball splitting, along with designs that are created to increase your sexual pleasure by adding pressure to shaft and balls and positioning the penis for the ultimate oral, vaginal and anal sex positions.

At the other end of the spectrum is a new line of chastity cock cages. Beautiful and brutal cages that are designed to deprive men of sexual pleasures and stimulation. Effective cages let the dominant decide when and if the submissive man is to feel stimulation.

Koalaswim.com has been a leader in extreme swimwear, paving the way for men to shed their inhibitions and choose bikini, thong, g-string, sheer, micro and ultra micro swimwear designs that were once the exclusive domain of women. Men who once only had the choice between board shorts and Speedos now can be as daring as they want.

Koala’s most exciting new products are swim and spandex playwear that include anal stimulation. They offer a line of suits that include anal plugs to hold the thong portion of the suit in place along with wild g-string and over-the-shoulder suits, designed around large metal anal hooks. These striking anal hook designs have been instant best sellers and many customers report back about how stimulating they find these suits to be. They refer to them as orgasms waiting to happen. Koala are just introducing a line of anal stimulation swimwear based upon the new Anal Spark combination cock ring butt plug. These designs are due out in mid October and are bound to excite the most selective spandex fetishist. Visit: Koalaswim.com

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