Escaped Pleasure – Soundtrack for a Fetish Lifestyle

By on March 8, 2012

Born from a passion for fetish and a passion for music, Escaped Pleasure is a music project with a difference. Although described officially as “chill out electronica”, each track is written and produced by a fetishist, with fetish in mind.

fetish music

It might be the result of a day spent lounging in a favourite catsuit that inspires a long, relaxing background groove that helps you to float away into your destination of escape. It might be a play session that inspired a more intense beat that both excites and scares, or it might be just a beat that you can chill out to and shoot photos.

Inspired by the sounds and grooves of people like Massive Attack, Moloko, John Mayer and Prince; Escaped Pleasure’s aim is to add a little groove and beat into your fetish life. Designed with lifestyle people in mind, it can be heard at clubs and lifestyle events around the world.

The product of a mainstream music producer who by day writes music for the masses (see his masked portrait here), Escaped Pleasure came about through being bored by using the same old music for SM scenes. Watching fetish films, it became obvious that the same old vanilla music was used time and again. Our music producer decided to write something new, tailored for his private passion.

fetish music

You can commission Escaped Pleasure to create a bespoke track or set of tracks just for you. With a commission comes an initial meeting, so that he can determine what elements of music work for the client. Then he will go away and create the tracks. Whether it’s for a play session, a photo session, a private party or even the soundtrack to a your home made film, having a unique set of music to set your scene is a deeply sexual feeling and will make a huge difference.

Want to hear the sounds of Escaped Pleasure? No problem – hear nine tracks here…

Then contact them to discuss your project at escapedpleasure [@]

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