Endless Night Vampire Ball Paris 2012

By on March 17, 2012

The Endless Night Vampire Ball returns to Paris this coming 4th and 5th of May for a full weekend of diverse events including Friday night’s Opening Ceremony at Le Manoir de Paris followed by the Steampunk themed Pre Party at Les Caves St Sabin. On Saturday the 5th,  The Lost Boys Beach Party celebrates the 1988 glamrock vampire film LOST BOYS and takes place at Glazart where you can party on the beach till the morning light.

Here are some photos by Jan FetishClubPix from last year’s event:

Entertainment includes:

DJs D.Void (Club Anti-Christ UK), Caroline Rae (Slimelight London) and Lady Agnes of Paris will weave dark and progressive delights all evening.

Your masters of ceremonies Father Sebastiaan (English) and François TElombre De Chalier (French).

  • Live steampunk performance with fire troupe VATRA.
  • CIRQUE DU VAMPYRE will present a performance ritual called “Awakening the Zoah” featuring Enosha as Kitra, Alex Sasha as Mradu, Tessa as Ramkht andFrediCat as Fred Samedi.
  • COMTESSA LEA will present Asian vampire burlesque.
  • SHIBARI SUSHI GIRLS with Master Bussiere.

Plus much much more! Tickets and more information here: www.parisvampireball.com/english

Hailing from New Orleans this event was rated the #1 Halloween party in the world by TripAdvisor.com and described as a “Venetian Masque Ball meets a vampire court, with the energy of a rock concert and elegance of a burlesque cabaret.

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