Ectomorph – Leaders in Latex Fashion

By on August 16, 2011

Ectomorph is a leading fetish fashion company, established in London in 1985 by designer Krystina, fresh out of the Royal College of Art, where her thesis focussed on the connection between sexuality and fashion.

The company has a unique technique of stitching and then glueing latex to achieve a more structured look. This is very different from the multitude of companies who only glue their rubber garments.

As well as being much more stylish than latex that’s only glued, the stitched seams make Ectomorph clothes stronger and less likely to rip. Their clothes are also generally made in a heavier gauge latex, giving a more sophisticated look.

The new Ectomorph collection features 1940s themes, with tight fitting elegant styles and very full-skirted dirndl-like dresss, reminiscent of Dior’s “New -Look”. Studding has remained a favourite motif with punky zipped features styled into a rock’n’roll look, on biker jackets and skirts.

Ectomorph was one of the first rubber companies to push the boundaries of fetish into mainstream fashion and, as a result of being featured extensively in the pages of Vogue, Elle and other high-end fashion magazines, they were soon stocked by high street boutiques. They quickly caught the attention of the popular press, who put rubber on celebrities like Mandy Smith, pin-up models as well as famous supermodels, creating titillating images for a public that was new to fetish imagery.

Ectomorph’s fashionable rubber meant people felt confident enough to wear latex on the streets or to restaurants, well outside of the hidden venues where latex had previously been hidden away.

The inclusion of fashionable menswear allowed men – who would previously only ogle women – to dress in rubber themselves. Men could wear stylish latex that from a distance looked like leather and they also started to wear latex fashion in the street and supermarket. Having said that, many male Ectomorph customers like to wear everyday items like jogging pants, rugby shirts and pyjamas in the home.

Increasingly, as women get more dominant in their dress codes, men are crossing the boundaries into cross-dressing and venturing into more feminine latex outfits. Ectomorph adapt their styles for this market and make some specific items, like their range of maids’ outfits for those transgressing males who want something different.

If you love rubber fashion and you want something superior, stylish and beautifully made, visit Ectomorph at: or contact them directly for bespoke and made to measure custom orders:


krystina Kitsis

October 3, 2011 @ 23:38

Hi Roxy. i do have a facebook address. It is not yet linked with my website but you can leave messages/communicate with me on it.

Roxy Man-Damn

September 20, 2011 @ 15:44

Hi Krystina do you have a facebook, cos i;d like to keep in touch that way. you prob dont have time for all that . i dont really but its like mobile phones, however did we manage without them x

alessandro lemos

August 17, 2011 @ 13:40

Cute fashion.

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