EctoMorph – Celebrate the Jubilee in Rubber

By on June 5, 2012

EctoMorph shot their British Traditional Collection, celebrating British design in this Diamond Jubilee year. Darren Birkin shot the outfits on Stephanie in iconic London locations. Parliament and the Lloyds building provided perfect backdrops for the city girl.



Pinstripe latex turns the conventional business suit into a sexy but perfectly wearable street outfit. Many heads were turned, especially on the Embankment and outside the Houses of Parliament.

Mark Perry’s images on Hampstead Heath in the traditional rain provided a different mood, with daytime pinstripe latex halter dress and peplum top and pencil skirt. Shot on Sharuzen with her amazing Rapunzel hair.

Punk is now as traditional a British stereotype as the Queen and was explored through the use of zips and safety pins as detail on jackets. EctoMorph returned to their use of studding on skirts to extend their Punk themed garments.

EctoMorph specialise in stitching their latex as well as glueing it, which gives their garments a classy edge. The stitching is a perfect accompaniment to the pinstripe and punk themes running through the latest collection for both men and women.

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Photos: Darren Birkin and Mark Perry. Models: Stephanie and Sharuzen

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