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By on April 2, 2012

DrkFetyshNyghts (Stefani) is an author of high intensity, high impact fetish, BDSM and bondage fiction. She has a special liking for latex, nylons and heels, all wrapped up in brooding, simmering, glossy, lipstick-drenched scenes.

DrkFetyshNyghts BDSM Fetish Fiction - StefaniMicro control and hyper cruelty, especially woman-on-woman, is her speciality and in her world the only limits are the imagination. To quote the lady herself, “No point in exploring the darker areas of the fetishes just to have safe words – the beauty of literature is that it can go anywhere – BDSM really can hurt the mind and body, so why not enjoy the nuances in fantasy fiction.”

Stefani is as committed to the psychological angle as she is to the physical aspect. Her stories exist in realistic, though dark, settings and scenes are minutely and obsessively described, so that the reader understands what the heroine/hero is going through at any given time. Possibly not for the faint of heart.

Her workload is weighted towards sapphic / lesbian, although female domination of the male species is also highlighted. She has a back stock of mind numbing titles available, but she will also write bespoke custom stories for those who want to read something ‘extra special’.

These book covers and photos of the author ought to give you an idea…

Here’s a link to a sample of Stefani’s work, Internet Relay Chat

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